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About superola

We see life as a series of moments waiting to be celebrated.

Finding music or any service to throw a party should be easy. But so far it is not. We have to ask other people about music, where to buy this and that, search on networks, and so on. That’s why we came up with superola: We will make it easy to find what you need for any kind of party, event or celebration. At the same time, we will be supporting and promoting our local talent and suppliers.

Whether you are a first time party planner or a professional event planner, our goal at superola is to help you easily find the best services for your special occasion and fit within your budget.

man in black t-shirt playing electric guitar

Our Mission

Our mission, our purpose, is to help make it easy and fun to organize any event or celebration and connect the supplier with the organizer. Fast and Free. We only ask that you recommend us to your friends and share on your social networks to spread the word. 

This is just the first phase of this great project!  

With your support, we hope to become the largest and most used platform worldwide regardless of borders and languages. You can help.

After creating an easy system for finding talent and services to hire and support local suppliers, we will be launching tools to help musicians, suppliers, and all registrants to make it super easy to find “chambas,” promotion, growth opportunities, and get ahead in superola.

We’re starting from scratch, taking action, making this goal a reality, and asking for your help. How can you help? Spread the word J

If you know someone who is a musician, talent, offers a product or service for events or celebrations, please mention and let them know they can sign up, list their service, and start getting leads for free.

If you know someone who is looking for a group, band, norteño, talent or service, please mention and let them know that they will soon be able to find what they are looking for on and it’s totally free, easy, and fast.

Thanks for all the support.  It is heartily appreciated.


What Bands/Musicians Say About Us

How I wish this had existed when we were starting out. We recommend this project to support local talent, suppliers, and to put together the pachanga without struggle. This is going great, take advantage of it!

Banda Machos

Thank you superla for what you are doing and creating. We heard about this project and signed up to support. If you are a musician, whatever genre you are, join, share, and register now! Don't miss the boat. This multi-phase project will be such a huge help when it's 100 percent that you can't imagine. Take it from those who have been through many challenges and many experiences.

Banda Maguey

In my opinion, this project has tremendous potential and the possibility to promote, help and support local talent and those who offer services to set up pachangones. Success superola and success kids!

Joaquin Lira

Are you a musician, do you have an event room or a space you can rent, do you rent tables or chairs? Register in superola for free, receive promotions, and help make it easier to organize a party. Super idea, super project, superola.

Ozhmanny Ortiz

If you are a musician, you have to register in superola now! This will be the coolest platform to promote yourself and get more gigs...

Jorge Lizarraga

    La Arrollladora Banda El Limón De René Camacho

    Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga

    Banda Sinaloense El Recodo De Don Cruz Lizárraga

    Jorge Lizarraga, el Sawey de La Explosiva Banda de Maza